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Our Services

Bandwidth Leasing

NigComSat-1R is built with radiation-hardened technology, high reliability, on-board software re-programmable ability, fault tolerance, redundant components and high efficiency.

28 active transponders and 7 antennas guarantee stronger footprints and center beams over the African, European and Asian continents and better look angles and shorter latency for intra-African communications traffic. Adequate fade margin compensation for attenuation losses by rain guarantee increased reliability and availability.

NigComSat-1R’s Ku-band offers lowered costs for broadband services arising from frequency re-use techniques, competitively priced transmission capacity, small antennas and reduced terminal prices. With the promise of unimaginable applications, NigComSat-1R is truly a first in Africa

NIGCOMSAT LTD offers transponder leasing services on its Ku-band, C-band and Ka-band platforms on board NigComSat-1R

  • The Ku-band comprises of 14 transponders of 31Mhz each with 3 beams over West Africa, Southern Africa and Karshi
  • The C-band comprises of 4 Transponders of 36MHz each with coverage over West, East and Central Africa
  • While Ka-band has 8 transponders of 120Mhz each for broadcast and trunking. It has three fixed spot beams over Nigeria, Europe, South Africa


NIGCOMSAT’s satellite broadband service connects customers in parts of Africa and Asia providing multiple solutions to their communication needs, on the Ku-band, C-band and Ka-band platforms on NigComSat-1R. NIGCOMSAT’s satellite broadband service can be deployed almost anywhere, in a very short time making it ideal for business continuity and connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites

Our services are cost-effective, secure, with high-speed data and video Internet connections. Our solutions are tailored for optimal delivery in communications, disaster recovery and security applications.

NIGCOMSAT has the in-house capability to offer total turn-key solutions for a VSAT network in Africa, Asia and currently supports a number of services in Nigeria and Gabon. NIGCOMSAT satellite broadband services are delivered using the world’s leading VSAT platforms, iDirect and NewTec


NigComSat-1R will revolutionize the way governments operate, by guaranteeing a reliable and secure communication infrastructure. The possibilities are endless; from Customs and Excise payments, to National database creation and management, to e-passports.

Contractors can review and bid on government jobs from around the world, and government ministries can communicate and make decisions with the push of a button, leading to a more streamlined, more transparent and more progressive government


NigComSat-1R will complement existing terrestrial infrastructure to ensure the provision of cost effective and high quality data, voice and video communication.

Tele-communication service providers will be able to provide high speed and affordable broadband access to consumers, increasing the potential for ICT and ICT-based innovation for individuals and businesses alike. With strong footprints, more powerful signal strength, a high number of active transponders and antenna reach across Africa, Asia and Europe, NigComSat-1R enables tele-communication service provider to work towards an effective transformation in the quality, delivery and possibilities of tele-communication services across the continent


NigComSat-1R will work with stakeholders in the education sector to deliver unprecedented innovations in the area of tele-education.

Public and private sector providers of educational services can take advantage of NigComSat-1R’s cost effective and high quality services to provide relevant solutions and services to an even larger market. With the availability of real time data, voice, video and internet transmission, age, distance or location will no longer be hindrances to learning. This will enhance accessibility to education in rural areas and facilitate the creation of networks providing educational programs and resources to both urban and rural dwellers

Oil & Gas

Tele-medicine provides monitored appropriate medical care from a distance. It helps to integrate scattered healthcare, whilst cutting down on the cost of care. Healthcare is a very dynamic and complex industry whose cost continues to rise. Elements that contribute to the rising costs of healthcare include its highly fragmented and regional character, and a largely unmet need to seek efficiencies. These factors lead to a broad array of the population remaining medically underserved. These include children, the elderly, women, the uninsured and underinsured, the poor, those living in rural areas, people with chronic illnesses, and people living with HIV/AIDS

Working with the relevant authorities and strategic partners, NigComSat-1R’s tele-medicine application will facilitate higher quality medical healthcare.

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