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Cyber Security Tips and Tricks
Photo: Cyber Security Tips and Tricks

Cyber Security Tips and Tricks

The cyberspace has become a space filled with malicious codes, links, trojans and viruses. With millions of unsuspecting users becoming vulnerable to these threats more than ever.

As we embark on the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, here are some tips that could keep you safe on the internet.

Secure your mobile device: It is important to get into the habit of securing your devices, use strong passwords and biometric features if possible.

Two-Factor Authentication: Whilst it is important to use a strong and complex password. It is also very imperative to use a two or multi-factor authentication system as it comprises of a two or more layered protection.

Connecting Securely: Avoid connecting to public networks as much as you can. Only connect to secured/trusted or private networks when possible, especially when handling financial or any sensitive transactions.

Back-up Your Data Periodically: It is very crucial to back up your data, Remember malicious threats and hackers do not always want to steal just your data, but sometimes the game plan is to encrypt or erase it to either cause you harm or can lead to ransom seeking.

Think Before You Click: Think before you click. Clicking on the wrong link, could cost you dearly. Malicious links can do damage in several different ways, so be sure to inspect links and ensure they are from trusted senders before clicking.

Beware of Phishing Scams: Phishing attacks can be regarded as one of the greatest cybersecurity threats more so as they are very easy to fall for. In a phishing attack, a hacker poses as someone that the recipient may be familiar with, to trick them into opening a malicious link, divulging important credentials, opening software that infects the recipient’s system with a virus, or a keylogger. The best way to avoid phishing scams is by not opening emails from unfamiliar senders, looking for grammatical or spelling errors, inconsistencies in the email that look suspicious, and hovering over any link you receive to verify what the destination domain or website is.

Update Connected Systems Regularly: It is very important to keep up with software and firmware updates regularly as you may be protected from software bugs and vulnerabilities. These updates also prevent back door access as well as enabling more features on the hardware and software making the device work more efficiently.

Use a Good Anti-virus Software/Firewall Solution: Antivirus solutions keep your systems and their content safe on the internet. They play an important role in protecting your online transactions as well.

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