NigComSat-1R is a super hybrid geostationary communications satellite with twenty eight (28) active transponders comprising of:

  • C-band: 4 Active Transponder
  • Ku-band: 14 Active Transponder
  • Ka-band: 8 Active Transponder
  • L-band payload: 2 Active Transponder


  • Strong footprints and center beams over the African, European and Asia Continent
  • Better look angle and shorter latency for intra Africa communication traffic
  • Powerful signal strength
  • Increased reliability and availability of Ku-band due to adequate fade margin compensation for attenuation losses by rain
  • Reduced cost of deployment for VSAT installations through acquisition of smaller equipment
  • Availability of Ku-band for broadband services at lower cost arising from the frequency re-use techniques, competitively priced transmission capacity, small antennas and reduced terminal prices. First in Africa offering unimaginable applications
  • Introduction of Kashi Beam with foot print over East-Asian countries

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