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Direct-To-Home (DTH) Broadcasting, Multimedia, Video streaming, Hotspot event services...

Real-Time Monitoring

Grid line Monitoring, Petroleum Pipeline Monitoring, Equipment Installation monitoring, Shipping & Freight Handling...


Trunking services between continents and countries, Provision of mobile and paging platform support...


Key Services


NIGCOMSAT will revolutionize the way governments operate, by guaranteeing a reliable and secure communication infrastructure. The possibilities are endless; from Customs and Excise payments, to National database creation and management, to e-passports.


Trunking services between continents and countries; Provision of mobile and paging platform support; GSM backhauling services.


NIGCOMSAT will work with stakeholders in the education sector to deliver unprecedented innovations in the area of tele-education. Public and private sector providers of educational services can take advantage of NigComSat-1R’s cost effective and high quality services to provide relevant solutions and services to an even larger market.


Tele-medicine provides monitored appropriate medical care from a distance. It helps to integrate scattered healthcare, whilst cutting down on the cost of care. Healthcare is a very dynamic and complex industry whose cost continues to rise.

DTH Platform

NIGCOMSAT’s head-end solutions provide satellite TV operators with the flexibility and capability they need to compete in an increasingly diverse marketplace. Our solutions can be applied to any delivery platform to optimize the use of available bandwidth and create new opportunities for satellite TV operators.

Who we are

Nigerian Communications Satellite Ltd (NIGCOMSAT) is a company and agency under the Federal Ministry of Communications Technology (FMCT) whose mission is to be the leading satellite operator and service provider in Africa. We are a young, vibrant and innovative company, charged with the management and operation of Nigerian Communications Satellite.

NIGCOMSAT Ltd was incorporated on 4th April 2006 for the provision of Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) to its customers

In May 2007, NIGCOMSAT Ltd launched its first geostationary satellite, NigComSat-1 into orbit. During its service life, it hosted a number of customers from the broadcasting industry, internet service providers, telecommunication operators and tele-presence solutions and also provided customer support to its end users.

Core Competence

Broadband Services

NigComSat-1R is built with radiation-hardened technology, high reliability, on-board software re-programmable ability, fault tolerance, redundant components and high efficiency
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NIGCOMSAT’s satellite broadband service connects customers in parts of Africa and Asia providing multiple solutions to their communication needs, on the Ku-band, C-band and Ka-band platforms on NigComSat-1R
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Satellite Control and Operations

The Satellite Control & Operations department is responsible for monitoring and control of operational status and orbital location of NigComSat-1R and the Satellite Networks (i.e. Ground & Space Segments and Network Operations).

Satellite Applications and Development

This department is responsible for strategy and innovations on satellite applications and services, satellite applications consulting and engineering services and satellite systems procurement support.

Business and Marketing

This department is responsible for business research and development, marketing, advertising and sales, client support and after sales services as well as the management of NIGCOMSAT’s regional offices.

Technology and Convergence Support Services

This department provides support services for the DTH platform, strategic security applications specifically the e-police, video conferencing, system and Video Surveillance Platforms of the national public security communication system.

Information Technology Services

This department is responsible for defining, updating and implementing Information Technology strategy, managing IT across the organization, aligning the IT team to enterprise performance objectives, control performance objectives ...


This department is responsible for strategic planning and budgeting, procurement and inventory management, property or business asset accounting, accounts and corporate finance, payroll and cash transactions.


This department provides support for daily staff duties, human resources management, management of a physical space or building and well-being of all facilities within NIGCOMSAT. They are also responsible for the security of the premises and its perimeter and access control.